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Sunday Church School       10:00 AM
Wednesday Bible Study      7:00 PM

Friday Prayer Service         7:00 PM

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Spencerville Academy
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Remember me.  Remember me. Oh Lord, remember me.”

--Gospel Song





Bowden, Robert
Boyd, Doris Middlebrooks
Boyd, Flossie Richardson
Boyd Sr., Henry Clifford
Boyd, Ida-Lee Tyler
Brown, John D.
Brown, Nan P.
Buckner, Oscar C.
Buie, Erastus James
Buie, Catherine Oates
Buie, Maggie McGirt
Buie, Sr., Sampson
Buie,Sandy Alexander
Cameron, Rev. Samuel Stewart
Chubbs, Rev. Dr. Howard Allen
Clarke, John Henrik
Coleman, Pinkie
Coleman-Singleton, Rev. Sharonda
Collins, Addie Mae
Colson, Sr., Fred
Colson, Jimmy
Davis Jr., Clarence
Davis, Addie Mae Smith
Davis , Melvin Lee
Davis-Hooker, Charslyn Olivia
Decker, Dolly Eugenia Clara
Decker, Joseph Ocieta Sylvanus
Foster , Lucy Kelly
Fountain, LTC George
Foxx, Bobby Lee
Grimes Sr., Allen Ray
Henson, Josiah
Hinton, John O.
Holly, Helena
Howard , Annabelle Kent
Howard , Rev. Thomas David
Hurd, Cynthia

Jackson, Susie
Jenkins, Carrie
Johnson, Sr., Elwood Kenneth
Johnson, Minnie Ola
Johnson, Samuel Lee
Kelly, Sr., Frank
Kelly, Lucy Callens
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Ronald
Lampkin, Leontyne
Lance, Ethel Lee
Latta, Ethel Louise
Latta, Marshall Moses
Latta, Marshall
Latta, Robert
Lee, Bertha
Lee, Brandon Carrington
Lee, General Washington
Lee, Nannie Carrington
Lewis, Kristina Pierce
Lutz, Jr., Ralph N.
Mance, Christine Lindsay
Mance, Priestly Jasper
Martin, Naomi Spicer Hinton
Mayberry, Charles E.
Mayfield, Allen
Mayfield, Madison
Mayfield, Maggie
Middleton-Doctor, Rev. Depayne
McNair, Denise
Moore, Drusilla
Moore, Fitzgerald
Moore, LaVerne Jackson
Moore, Oscar Adolphus
Oates, George Franklin
Oates, J. Rome
Oates, Leola Castle
Parker, Albert
Parker-Colson, Ola Mae
Parkinson, Merriman Frank Cisco Percy
Pinckney, Rev. Clementa
Pieh, Sengbeth
Pierce, Catherine Davis
Pogue, Blanche Edith Hunter
Pogue, Henry
Quinn, Bishop William Paul
Robertson, Carole
Robinson, Carl Francis
Robinson, Irene Brown

Sanders, Tywanza
Setton, Michele
Sheppard, Addie Davis
Sheppard, Danny Ray
Simmons, Rev. Daniel L.
Smith, Claudia J.
Smith, James Franklin
Smith, Ozelle, Evie
Stallworth, Annie Dorel Sanders
Stallworth, Thomas Earl
Tearney, Dr. Russell James
Tearney, William Gregory
Thompson, Myrah
Washington, Geneva
Washington, John
Wesley, Cynthia
Whitaker, Hazel Lee
Whitaker, Chester Mack
White, William
Wiggins, Joe Richard
Wiggins, Yvonne
Wilkerson, Sr., Thomas George
Williams, Essie Mae
Williams, Rev. Andrew
Williams, Vera Frances
Wilson, Almus
Wilson, Bobby
Wilson, Mary Lee
Wilson, Moses
Wilson, Viola Jones
Wojcik, Elaine Lee






Captives aboard Amistad slave ship




Captives aboard Tecora slave ship








Olive Branch Community Church is no way responsible for verifying the demise of any person named on its Memorial Stone Wall.  OBCC relies exclusively on the names as spelled by donors and no efforts will be made by OBCC to review probate court records, historical texts, funeral programs, church or mortuary records, hospital or nursing home files, obituary columns, tomb stones, museum or archive collections, or any other official or unofficial documents or symbols evidencing death.  OBCC reserves the right to refrain from listing on its Memorial Stone Wall any name or nickname which it deems, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate for publication on its Christian website and donations for such listings will be refunded.